Plaid is not dead!

No, I haven't forgotten. This was just to remind everyone that it still exists!


On one of my many business trips, I was in Dallas. There I had dinner with Joanne DeBenedictis-Carley and her husband Howie. I started a new tradition. I thought each time I visited a classmate, I'd have a picture taken with "the shirt". Where did you all go? Hmmmm

Posted June 1, 2006.


"Tradition!!!!! Tradition!! Traaaaadiiitioooon!!!Ok, enough. I've started a new tradition. Everyone I visit has to have their picture taken with the real thing!! No, this is not a touched up photo. It's the REAL shirt!!! LOL Who's next!!!??? "

I also do a joke list. As part of the mailings I get was this picture. It was just too good to believe that someone else had the exact same shirt as I did. Did the folks accept it? Heck no ... "It's bogus", "That's Wes as a little kid". Honest, I never touched this picture and it ain't me, babe!! Posted March 6, 2005.


"LOL - Folks, I didn't touch this photo in any way. This came as part of a group of joke pics entitle "Things That Make A Dad Proud". Note the guy at the receiving end. No, it's not me, and I have no idea who he is, but that shirt sure looks familiar!!! ROFLMAO!!!And I know what the comments are going to be, too!!!"

I endeavored to run with this whenever the opportunity showed it's plaid head. Here is Paula's step-granddaughter with her "original" gingerbread house. Posted January 29, 2006.


"Great job, Bug!!! "

It was football season, so ....... on January 23, 2006.


"The Patriots have come up with a new strategy to win back the title for 2006. It's a sure winner!! "


More complaints. Paula wanted vertical stripes. Just can't please some people!! Posted December 6, 2005.


"You know I always give you what you want!! "

Another year goes by. This years big event was the tearing down of good ol' MHS. I couldn't pass up the chance to dig up some old fossils. Posting date September 17, 2005.

"During the demolition of the Old Melrose High School, workers came across this gruesome find cemented behind one of the walls in the old mathematics section of the school. The identity of the body (if you could call it that), as well as the meaning of the strange writing found next to it, are as yet to be understood. Scientists from all over the world will converge on the site in hopes of determining if this was, in fact, the first visitation from an extraterrestrial life form. If this turns out the be the case, we are all in deep do-do!!"

Eventually, someone got the joke. But, it took until December 16, 2004 for it to happen! And what happens then? We got sidetracked on the color of the sweater!!

"There, is that better? That looks like old teal to me!! LOL And don't anyone ask what I'm wearing under the kilt!!"

Another attempt to revive the humor and another year. What a dead site this is! It did get a few responses, such as about my (lack of) hair. Posted May 16, 2004.
"Not even from my grandson!! Actually, I put on "The Shirt" just to prove it still exists!! LOL "


... then he had the nerve to complain about what I did!

So, I guess you could call this an anti-plaid posting. The only one. I hate taking back what I publish! Posted February 28, 2003.

This was the last posting for the year due to me becoming a grandfather and lack of responses on the site. Better luck next year.


"He who criticizes is demoted! It's back to the Chippendale's for you, fella!!Now are you puckering up for a kiss in this picture or are you just doing a cat call??AND, I see that you took your ring off. Hmmmm, interesting."

I figured if a group attack failed, I'd try attacking individuals. Besides, Dave made the mistake of mentioning the "p" word, so I had to accept the challenge. Posted February 23, 2003.
" No comment necessary!! LOL "

Ok, I never went to England to take this picture. Just trying to stir up some conversation. There were just two comments and that was it. I guess you could say I failed. Posted January 8, 2003.
"I got this wonderful picture of the Royal Guard on parade. Even though I do not have any English blood in me, there was something very familiar about these guys. "

It's a new year, 2003. I can't let this plaid thing die. This is my favorite post to date. It's Pope Paul II thanking me for the plaid outfit I gifted him with. He was very gracious in giving me an audience. I am even in the picture! Note how happy he is with the gift! Posted January 3, 2003.
"Since no one else has anything interesting to add to this site, I thought I'd bore you with some pictures from my various travels and vacations. Here is a picture of Pope Paul II thanking me for my extremely generous gift. You can just see the joy in his face for being the recipient of such a great gift. I just don't understand why he doesn't use it more often."

Things are definitely slowing down. This has turned into a running joke now due to lack of input material from the rest of the "staff".
I was unable to attend the 35th reunion, but I wanted to make sure that those who did, were not left out. Hence this picture, posted December 15, 2002.


Things calmed down a bit after I put down the class rebellion and one of the classmates expressed feelings of being left out of the plaid joke. She never asked again! This was posted September 27, 2002.
"I always said you have to be careful what you say here on the site. Some people take things quite literally!!! ROFL Nice tan, Karen!!!! (o;It ain't easy being plaid!! LOL "

So ..... in trying to spare the perpetrator from embarrassment for the faux pas of introducing non-graduates to the site, on September 9, 2002, I posted this modification to the previous days posting. I just didn't feel right about pointing the finger at an individual for this transgression, so I introduced a new character to take the heat off. I know, very thoughtful of me.
" Don't be swayed by her subtle gestures that slip you into a false sense of security by playing tricks on what you think is the obvious. Take a real close look!!!! What kind of trickery is this ... tempting innocent people with millions???!!! What kind of cruel person are you, getting peoples hopes up????!!! ROFL Hey, isn't that a St. Mary's skirt??????? ROFLMAO "

On September 8, 2002, Waldo was introduced into the joke. I have to say, I wasn't too happy with the fact that this colorful character was allowed into the MHS site. Heck, he wasn't even in the yearbook. I didn't post this ... it was the instigator of this whole thing who did it.
"I have been searching all over for him!! Even Waldo is after Wes! ROFL bag him, Wes! He's worth millions, I hear. "

Someone wanted to see the Livermoore School in plaid. So, not to be one to pass up a challenge ... on September 7, 2002 I gave in and posted this one.
"It's not my fault, I tell ya!! Paula started it!!! She knows I have a weakness for set-ups!!! sigh "


Due to all the comments I had received on the site, I felt it was in my best interest to let the site know how I felt without being obnoxious about it. I felt a subtle cartoon was in order to relay sentiments from both sides.
"Ok ... now I want to hear comments !!!!! Especially from you "quiet" folks!!!!!! "

Even the President was part of the September 6, 2002 celebration. He did this all on his own. I didn't have to ask him. Talk about solidarity!!
"And I wear it on good authority!!Even the prez has really good taste!!! (o: "

Another solidarity Onion posting from September 6, 2002. Look at all that blue!!!
"What can I say????"

Here is the 2nd post for September 6, 2002. This was when the great inspiration started to cycle through my brain... surging, ever working, ever getting back at those who scoff on my good intentions.
"Even as far back as Mac's old math class, the wearing of the plaid was "in"!!!heehehehe "

September 6, 2002, the day the dam broke! A total of 5 posting this day. The bug bit me ... here is where there is no return!

This was the first one. Showing solidarity of those who attended the MHS Onion.
"I wish you folks would stop complaining about my attire. I am not a trend setter, but rather a follower as you can see by these untouched pics from the Onion.No matter how hard you try, Paula .... ~(o: "

Well, second thoughts can be ... well, mistakes. So, the plunge into the Plaid, Plaid World was made by my nemesis. Little did I know how much trouble this would start.

This was posted 9-5-02.

"hehehehe. THIS is the WES we all know and love. Plaid Boy and Lip Boy all rolled up in one. Nice chest, Wes. I could use you on the floor in front of my fireplace. ;o)~ "


After a semi-successful career of doing movie posters with the faces of class members , I felt that I had to respond to the personal attack upon my integrity and taste in attire. This first response was mild and just ok, I should have left it there. This was posted 9-4-02.

"OK, Paula ... do I have all the right elements in this picture? What did I forget? (he asked expecting the obvious!) "

This is what really started it all. Some obviously jealous person posted this image making fun of the fact that I once wore a blue plaid (many would say madras) shirt, as shown in the pictures on the border.
This was posted 9-4-02.
"I can't take it anymore!! You can't POSSIBLY be fooled by those 'rambo' posters of Wes! I felt it was my duty to put up the REAL Poster Boy. THIS is what he looked like at the Kowloon. And as you enter these doors of the MHS site, I'm sure you have seen this face approach you... There can only BE one true Poster boy picture that tells the REAL truth!! "